MUTANT COACHES 2016 not yet determined

Co-Head Coach
B, B+ Team, Coach Carly


Coach Carly brings to the team, 3 years of coaching experience, (with the G.P. Gators, the G.P.P. Mutants, Special Olympics and Pierce M.S.).  Carly was a member of the Mutants and the Gators for 10 years.  Carly has an impressive list of accomplishments during high school, (4 years as a member of the G.P. South girls swim team, Captain her senior year and an active member of the Student Council).  As Carly enters her 2nd year of college, her major is still undecided, however she is leaning toward Nursing.  Carly has continued competitive swimming and is active in campus life.  Carly loves working with children and is constantly amazed by their sense of humor and never ending energy.  Carly enjoys crafting, going to the beach, warm weather and rollerblading in her spare time.

C Team, Coach Lilly


Coach Lilly Joins the Mutant coaching staff for the first time this summer.   She hails from a proud line of Mutant coaches, (Uncle, Cousins and Big Sister).  Lilly is no stranger to the Mutants as she has been on the team since she was 8.  Lilly is a member of the G. P. South girls swim team, (3 years) and is also on the student council.  Aside of the obvious, (swimming) Lilly enjoys choir and dance.  Lilly has coached with the Special Olympics, the Pierce swim team and last year she taught swim lessons.  Lilly loves working with children and can’t wait to follow in her sisters footsteps, (AKA Coach Carly).

D Team, Coaches Brigit, Will and Claire


Coach Brigit joins the Mutant coaching staff for the first time this summer.  She hails from a proud line of Mutant coaches, (both Father and Uncle).  Brigit has been so focused on swimming the last 8 years, (club teams and high school) that every vacation to Michigan she would swim with the Gators, (didn't want to miss a single practice).  Last summer when she saw how amazing the Mutants are, she couldn’t wait to join.  After one year on the G. P. South girls swim team, Brigit was voted Co-Captain by her peers.  Brigit has coached for the Gators and has been teaching swim lessons for 4 years.  Brigit enjoys spending time with her friends and family, kicking back and reading a good book, (some times over and over and over) and loves helping develop young swimmers.


Coach Will joins the Mutant coaching staff for the first time this summer.  Will has swam for the Mutants since the age of 8.  Will has been a member of the G. P. South Boys swim team for the last four years.  As a senior, will was voted Co-Captain, received the All American Academic award for swimming and was also honored with the Sportsmanship Award.  Will is involved with the student association, reports on sports for the school paper and in college plans to major in Business.  As the only “Boy” coach this year, Will is looking forward to making sure the Mutant "boys" truly REPRESENTtheir gritty and tough side”.


Coach Claire joins the 2015 Mutant coaching staff for the first time this summer. Claire was a Mutant herself for ten years, joining the team at age 6. Claire was a member of G.P. South’s Cross Country team, and the Track and Field team for 3 years, reported for the Tower newspaper, and was an active member in Student Council and Varsity Club. This fall, Claire will be entering college as a freshman, currently going in with an undecided major, but leaning toward Psychology. Claire loves the beach at Torch Lake, a good book, doodling, and spending the summer at the park in the sunshine.