Survey Results 2008
Your ideas matter

The survey was somewhat controversial.  Not all parties involved thought it was a good idea to solicit feedback from the parents or swimmers.  Well the survey got done anyhow and here is a summary of the results.  If you need to have the actual data or comments please let me know and I’ll get them to you.

Paul Burgoyne


Most people were satisfied with the registration, length of practice and placement of their children.

68% of the people were concerned that their children’s swimming didn’t improve over the season.

Most were satisfied with the communication and number of events their children were in.

Most were comfortable with the child coach ratio.

It was a mixed bag about the satisfaction with this being a competitive league.


The written comments were all over the place but the general message was that the team needs more organization, accountability, and transparency.

People seemed to personally like and appreciate the coaches.

Parents were very concerned with the methodology for placing athletes in meets.

Many people cried out for a more senior person to be in charge of and accountable for the team.

Parents wanted feedback on their athlete’s performance.

Frequently people begged for ongoing stroke clinics.


With these things in mind please check out the "What's New for 2009" page.