2008 Team Manager and Coaches

(2009 Staff updates forthcoming, please check back for more information)










Team Manager:  

Pete Stevens-"My name is Pete Stevens and I have been part of the Mutant Swim Team in some form for about 17 years!!  I am the Team Manager this year after 5 years of being a coach.  In high school I was All-State and All-American for swimming 3 years in a row and helped lead Grosse Pointe South to 4th place finish at states, South's highest ranking at a state meet since the mid 1900's. If you have any questions about swim team or anything about swimming in general I'm the guy to come to.  I currently go to Indiana University and will be a senior next year, majoring in management with a minor in Spanish and a certificate in business."  


Robert Eckert  (D team) -"My real name is Duke Francis III of the Duchy of Saxony.  I can trace my nobility back to 17th century Prussia, where my father was a treasurer for Frederick the Great.  I am the Red Power Ranger. I spent a year living with a pride of lions.  I destroyed the Death Star.  My last job was being  a pirate.  I found the Golden Ticket.  My great grandfather was  a Spartan.  I've played for the Lakers and the Celtics at the same time.  But honestly, my name is Robert Eckert.  Most of what I just said is true, but you can decide if you want to believe it or not.  I just graduated from U of D Jesuit High School.  I will be attending U of M in the fall.  I have been swimming on the Mutants since I was 5 and am sad that I can't swim anymore.  I am looking forward to coaching "D" team and  a successful season."          

Courtney Graham (C team)- "My name is Courtney Graham and I am a Sophomore at the University of Michigan where I am studying art and design.  When I first began swimming with the Mutants I was nine years old.  After eight years on the  team, I began coaching.  This team means the world to me and I'm expecting another awesome season!"



Jack Hessburg (C team)-"I'm Jack Hessburg, one of the 'C" team coaches and this is my second year coaching for the Mutants.  I have been swimming on the team since I was five and have also swam for Pointe Aquatics, DYC, and the Gators.  I swam on the South team for four years as well.  I just graduated from South this spring and next year will be headed to the University of Michigan to study biomedical enginerring."



Leann Moceri (B and B+ teams)-"My name is Leann Moceri and I will be be starting my Sophomore year at Grand Valley State University in the  fall.  I have been swimming for the Park since I was about 7 or 8 and for Pointe Aquatics since I was 10 and enjoyed my time as a swimmer.  This is my second year coaching at the Park, I am having fun coaching the B and B+ teams this summer.  I hope for  a great season...GO MUTANTS!!"


Jackie Stevens (D team)-  "My name is Jackie Stevens and I am the "D" team coach for the Mutants.  This is my first year coaching the team and I'm excited for a successful season.  I began swimming for the Mutants when I was 5 years old and I am planning to continue to swim for the team until next year.  I also swim for the Gators and Grosse Pointe South and will be the team captain next year.  I am very happy to be a coach and am looking forward to a fun year."


Amanda Palffy (A team)  - My name is Amanda Palffy  and this is my 4th summer as a Park coach.  I began swimming for the Mutants when I was 7.    I now swim for Colby College in Maine where I am going  to be a sophomore next fall.  I'm looking forward to another fun summer!!