Volunteer Descriptions and Duties
Mutants 2016

Parent Board/Committee
Parent Liaison – Jeff Jogan    jeffjogan@gppmutants.org

Treasurer – Karen Houting    khouting@gppmutants.org

Mutant Wear Sales - Cheryl Maraldo   Cherylmaraldo@gppmutants.org

Social-Banquet/Picnics - Geralyn & Dave Turner, theturners@gppmutant.org

Volunteers/Movie Night/Fundraising - Herman Wang

Volunteer Positions

Timers - (8 to 10 required)  Timing and/or recording swimmers' times during home and away meets.  Wednesday evening meets and/or Saturday morning mini meets.  (I won't lie to you, it's just like at SeaWorld, if you sit in the front row, you may get wet, however this is the greatest seat, (no actual seats) in the house to watch your kids swim).

Mutant-Wear Sales - (3 requested) Selling Mutant Wear at our Wednesday evening home meets and Saturday morning mini-meets.  This includes set-up and take-down of the goods.  A table will be set up near the pool entrance.


Ribbons - (3 required)  Award ribbons are distributed from a table near the guard office during home meets.

Marshaller - (3 requested) Work with the coaches to gather the kids prior to each event, making sure they get to the correct side of the pool and on time for their upcoming event.

Home Meet Picnics(4 required) Help with setting up, serving food, and cleaning up after picnics (The team provides pizza, some beverages and each team level will be tasked with bringing different items, (desserts, chips, salads, etc.).  (The picnics are another great way to meet and hang out with other swim team families)  (Home meets- June 18, July 2 and July 16)


Home Mini–Meets - (2 requested) Pass out donuts after the home mini meet.  Timers-(see above) (Saturday, June 28, 9:00 a.m. at GPP)


D Team Picnic - (5 to 6 requested)  Coordinate the D team picnic and awards the week before finals.  (Sign up info to follow)