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Grosse Pointe Park Mutants is a summer swim team open to all residents 17 and under.  Competitive meets are held with the neighboring Grosse Pointes and St. Clair Shores.

Mutants Final Week 2014

July 22, 2014 
Must RSVP your swimmer by now and pay for parents and or family for Banquet.
Also unsold Hungry Howie's coupons must me returned or paid for by today.

Wed, 7/23 - Finals
                        Car parade from Patterson to Grosse Pointe Woods
Meet at 3pm, Decorate Cars, (bring your own decoration, streamers, window paint, etc...)
Parade leaves Patterson at 3:20 in order to make the 3:45 check in at Woods pool

            Finals Swimmers, Finals Alternates and Relay Swimmers
                        Check in with coaches on deck at 3:45pm

                        Finals start at 5:30pm
                       All swimmers are encouraged to attend to cheer for their team, but only swimmers in the prelims and finals
                       line-up are allowed on-deck. Swimmers not in the line-up need to sit in the spectator area.

Pizza/Dance Party at Excalibur immediately following finals. All mutant swimmers and families invited
                    - $5 per person or $20 per family for pizza, pop, and lemonade (payable at party)
                     **Swimmers responsible for money and own ride to and from Excalibur-Coaches can NOT drive swimmers.

 Hungry Howie's Pizza Money must be turned in by now.

Thu, 7/24
Last Fun day 9:30am-11:00am – ALL swimmers welcome
                        Banquet - 6-10:30 pm at G.P. War Memorial, Swimmers Free, Parents and other family members $17.
                        (must pre buy ticket for accurate head count, info to follow)  All swim team member are free, but must confirm that
                        they are attending for head count, deadline date to be announced.

Hungry Howie's
Pizza Fundraiser is almost over

Displaying fundraiser 001.jpg

If you haven't bought yours yet, it's not too late
We are better than half way to our
goal of 400.

Super Heroes

Calling All Mutant Parents

The Mutants Still Need You

We have several volunteer spots that still need to be filled

Parents:  sign up to volunteer by going to

The access code is gpp14

Coach Emails

Please include your team name, (A, B+, B, C, D) in the Subject line.  All Coaches are sharing the one email.

2014 Mutant Team Suits

(note to parents, team suits are not required, a suit however is)

Suit Fittings and orders can still be done at Different Strokes

Different Strokes Swim Shop

21911 Greater Mack, St. Clair Shores

Please order your suits as soon as possible to ensure it arrives by the start of the season.

Womens V Back

Mens Racer

Mens Jammer $29.50


Parents:  sign up to volunteer by going to

The access code is gpp14

If your swimmer is registered, and you are not receiving the Mutant email blasts, please email