Grosse Pointe Park Mutants is a summer swim team open to all residents 17 and under.  Competitive meets are held with the neighboring Grosse Pointes and St. Clair Shores.

2016 Brings many new opportunities for volunteers, look for an email in February/March, (as many of you know, we are hosting finals this year).

 2015 Mutants

Swim Team Banquet

Coach Emails
 Coaches will no longer be answering their emails, contact me or them directly.

Please include your team name, (A, B+, B, C, D) in the Subject line.  All Coaches are sharing the one email.

2015 Mutant Team Suits

(note to parents, team suits are not required, a suit however is)

Different Strokes will be at the May 17, 2015 tryouts for suit fittings and

after that, it can be done at Different Strokes

Different Strokes Swim Shop

21911 Greater Mack, St. Clair Shores

Please order your suits as soon as possible to ensure it arrives by the start of the season.


$40             FRONT





Parents:  sign up to volunteer 2015 is here.

The access code is Mutants2015

If your swimmer is registered, and you are not receiving the Mutant email blasts, please email